Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Getting MMS to work on iPhone 3G 3.0 OS beta 2


1) This is experimental. The instructions might not work or might cause your phone to stop functioning completely.

2) at&t does not support this officially yet. There have been some reports of problems associated with enabling MMS on at&t.

3) The information is provided here for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be used on any phone.

This requires an iPhone 3G loaded with the iPhone OS 3.0 and 3.0 SDK installed onto a Mac with Leopard 10.5.

Step 1) Prepare the ATT_US.ipcc

Follow steps 1 - 7 from the instructions here.

1) Under Root in carrier.plist add:

AllowEDGEEditing Boolean Checked
AllowMMSCEditing Boolean Checked
AllowMMSEditing Boolean Checked

2) Add the following:

In the wap dictionary (mine is wap.cingular, sts's was, add a new pair. Do not edit the password or username:
type-mask = (NUMBER) -2
3) Under root in carrier.plist also add:

mms_proxy String
mms_proxy_port String 80
mmsc String

Now follow Steps 9 - 12 in the instructions to finish preparing the ATT_US.ipcc.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cydelete, no more having to go into Cydia to delete Icons/Apps

The one thing that makes App Store Apps more convenient than cydia apps is how you delete them. With Applications from the App store you just have to press and hold on and icon until they start shake and press the "x", easy. For cydia applications you have to open up cydia, wait like 5 minutes just for the sources to refresh and then uninstall. Well, that's all going to change now!

Introducing the new application called "cydelete" from Cydia allows you to delete apps the same way you would delte App Store apps. How convenient is that?? Try it for yourself open up cydia and search it!

Enjoy! Please leave a comment

Monday, March 16, 2009

New! For Active Theme Makers(this is for you) Have a different image on each page of Springboard!

Yesterday, 03/16/09, Winterboard had an update. (If you haven't been on cydia go on it and update!) The changes in the update are listed above^^
  • Made Wallpapers Work Again
  • Prioritize Apple's ImageCache
  • Per-page Wallpaper Page#.png
So how do you create a basic theme with different images for each page??
  1. Just create a folder (name it whatever you'd like)
  2. Drag in some pictures into that folder.(Same number of pictures as you have pages on your iPod/iPhone)
  3. Make sure you can see the file extensions of the images.
    • To view file extensions on Windows XP go to any folder on your computer and look on top it should says Tools-->Folder Options-->View-->Uncheck Hide Well Known Extensions
    • To view file extensions on Vista/Windows 7 go to control panel and in the search type in "folder" and it should say folder options somewhere then go to View-->Uncheck Hide well Known File Extensions
  4. All the pictures you have in the folder you created earlier need to be named like so:

    Each name corresponds with which page number you want it on. Page0.png(page 1) Page1.png(page 2) Page#.png(etc..) MAKE SURE TO CHANGE THE ENDINGS TO .png

  5. Once you have renamed all your images correctly you need to SSH them into your Themes folder on your iPod/iPhone.
    • Don't know how to SSH themes from your computer to your iPod/iPhone??
HERE IS A PREVIEW OF HOW IT WILL LOOK(I did this real quick, it's kind of sloppy)

Hope that was informative enough. Have any questions?
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Untethered Jailbreak for iPod Touch 2nd Gen!

Option 1
Quickfreedom(Kind of like Quickpwn)

Option 2

No more coding when you accidently turn off your iPod! Untethered is out

BEFORE you begin, restore your iPod Touch clean to it's factory state.
As with every other tutorial you need the C++ redistributable and LIBusb
(if you've jailbroken before you should already have them)

Download Libusb here
Download Microsoft C++ here

1.First download Unofficial Redsnow 2.0 for windows and extract the folder to your desktop

2. Get the 2.2.1 Firmware Here

3. Rename the 2.2.1 ipsw to OriginalFW.ipsw and place it in /IPSW

4. Run IPSW.bat (It will take a while)

5. Replace the llb.n72ap.RELEASE.img3 in your new JB.ipsw with the one located under /IPSW preferably using 7zip to avoid corruption.
(you can also use winrar, by either changing the file extension to .rar or open it up as a .rar file some other way and deleting the lib.n72ap.RELEASE.img3 and replacing it with the new one)

6. Place your iPod Touch 2G into DFU mode and run RUNME.exe

7. Shift + Restore to JB.ipsw in iTunes and your done!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

How to get Spinning Springboard Icons!

Download this:

Step 1
Extract the file from the above link and put it on your desktop.

Step 2
Open up your SSH client like Winscp and navigate to the /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/ directory

Step 3
Take the file on your desktop (SpinBoard.dylib) and copy it into the DynamicLibraries directory

Step 4
Respring your iPod/iPhone

Step 5

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jailbreak iPod Touch 1G, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G on 2.2.1! Quickpwn


Hey guys,
Today I'm going to show you how to Jailbreak
the new firmware 2.2.1 using Quickpwn

Step 1: Here is the link for Quickpwn 2.2.5(windows)
Quickpwn 2.2.5
alternate link:(windows)

**Unzip the folder and open QuickPwn.exe"
If for some reason Quickpwn isn't opening up it's because you do not have .net framework installed. Click this link to install it.

Step 2: Make sure your device is updated to
Firmware 2.2.1***
(If you need the firmware 2.2.1 download link check my blog)
Step 3: Make sure your device is connected to
your computer via USB then open up Quickpwn

Step 4: Press the blue arrow to go next
-Quickpwn should recognize your firmware
automatically if it is 2.2.1 and a green checkmark
will appear next to your device name.

Step 5: Press the blue arrow to go to the next
page. ** Decide what you would like to have.
Obviously you should add cydia. Installer is
optional and so is boot logos.

Step 6: Press the blue arrow to go the next page
-Again, make sure you're connected via USB

Step 7: Press Next and get ready to Jailbreak!
Follow the directions on the screen
You should get a white screen if you did it
correctly. Then it will say "Downloading Jailbreak
- Once you get the checkmark you just have to
wait for your phone to finish jailbreaking and
you're all done!

Need any downloads for firmware 2.2.1?

Friday, February 27, 2009

How to boot iPod Touch 2nd Gen with a Dongle!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

How to get Windows 7 on your computer!

METHOD 1(this is how I did it)
1.You will need a torrent downloading program
I suggest utorrent.

2. Go to the following website and download the torrent.
Windows 7 Download

3. Download a program called magiciso.

4. From that program burn the "image" you downloaded from utorrent onto a DVD.


6. Insert the DVD you burned and follow the steps.


Download the file from there(you need to register and do a bunch of other junk) and then after you download the file you basically just follow the steps I showed you earlier, but they have clear instructions on the site on how to go about installing the new Windows 7.

any questions?
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Voltage Tool- Easiest way to Jailbreak iPod Touch 2nd Gen

This Post was updated, because many people were having problems with the previous GUI.

The following tutorial was made by xPerFeXioN from youtube.
The video was found by username: Teek <-- Thanks!
There is a lot of swearing towards the end of the video..just a heads up

Have any questions? Let me know

How to Control iPhone/iPod Touch on Computer (Windows)


Step 1: Go on cydia on your iphone/ipod touch and search for "veency" and install that

Step 2: Download RealVnc from this site

Step 3: Install realvnc and open up "run vnc viewer"

Step 4: a little rectangular window should open up asking for server:
Make sure you are connected to wifi and go to your iphone/ipod
go to settings -->wi-fi-->click the blue arrow next to your network and it should show your ip address

Step 5: Put your ip address in the place where it asks for "server:"

Step 6: press okay, you should get a message on your iphone/ipod asking you to "accept"
press accept and your ipod/iphone should be on the screen

Thanks, i hope that helped
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A good way to backup your cydia apps before you update and lose everything!

Step 1. Go to Cydia and download "aptbackup"

Step 2. Open up aptback up from your springboard and press "backup"

Step 3. Connect your device to your computer and go to iTunes and right click on your device name and click backup.

Step 4. Let iTunes back up your device after this you can go ahead and update. When you re-jailbreak your device after updating just download "aptbackup" again from cydia and press restore and you should get all your apps back from cydia(including themes, ringtones games)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Some things to do after you have Jailbroken, Sbsettings and Installous(cracked apps)

-Made by Username: Jose

1. Download Sbsettings from Cydia to manually repsring your device whenever needed.
2. Go on Cydia and go to manage-->sources-->edit-->add and then add the source
(Once the source refreshes download "installous" and "mipatch221")

Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to SSH ROMs and Themes! (Also, SSH without WiFi)

First, you have to make sure you have "openssh" installed in cydia.

Second, go to (i'll have it in the video description) and install the program.

In the "Host name" field you must enter your IP address from your ipod/iphone.
You have to be connected to WiFi and you click the blue arrow next to your connection.
The username is : root
The password is: alpine

Once you have that stuff entered in. Press login.

I will first show you how to get ROMs onto your ipod/iphone.
A good website to get ROMs is Emuparadise
If you click on your for example "NES" application you will see a message saying upload ROMs to
To do this you must navigate to that folder. You can do this through winscp. As you can see we are currently on the /private/var/root folder.

When you create the folder it must be exactly "ROMs".
Inside of the ROMs folder we must create another folder called "NES"
Now as you can see both paths match up we are now on /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/NES
We can now drag and drop NES ROMs into this folder. I have downloaded "megaman 6" just for this video.
Now, on your iPod/iPhone just reopen the NES application and there you go! You now have a playable NES rom.
---------------------------------------- ---------------------
Also, using WinSCP i'll show you how to add Themes to Winterboard from your computer

1.) Download a theme from any site
2.) UNZIP THE FILE and put the folder on your desktop(or some place you know of)
3.)Drag the folder into private/var/stash/themes

You need to get to /private/var/stash
this is how.
You will see a Themes folder. click on that.
This folder contains all your Winterboard themes.
Now you can drag all your themes you downloaded into this folder
If you click on WinterBoard now, it should be in there!

That's all for this WinSCP tutorial. If you have any questions please do ask.

To get GBA/NES ROMs on your ipod touch/iphone add the source
(Once the source refreshes download "Gba Bios file" and any other ROMs you would like)

P.S. For those of you who do not have WiFi you can also SSH like this

-Made my username: Ipod Man
Download iTunnel from here

Tether Jailbreak iPod Touch 2nd Generation(Windows Step by Step)

What you'll need:
redsn0w lite

iRecovery and libusb
2.1.1 IPSW
2.2.1 IPSW
What you may need:
If for some reason your iPod will refuse to get a white screen when it is supposed to
download this to end iPod Services and Mobile Services(should make it work)
End Services batch file

-Submitted by Username: jake fox
Thank you.


1.) Extract redsn0w lite and XPwn to your Desktop

2.) Save (or move) the 2.2.1 IPSW into the XPwn folder and rename it OriginalFW.ipsw

3.) In the rslite101 folder, there should be a FirmwareBundles folder; copy the iPod2,1_2.2.1_5H11.bundle into your XPwn\FirmwareBundles\ folder.

4.) Open up a Command Prompt (type cmd in the Search bar if on Vista).

5.) In Command Prompt, cd to the Xpwn directory and do "ipsw OriginalFW.ipsw patchedFW.ipsw -s 700 bundles\Cydia.tar"
Some people are having trouble with the cd command. Just type cd, then a space, and then drag the little folder icon of where you want to cd(so in our case drag the Xpwn folder into the command line) in this into the command prompt and press enter.
Should look something like this after you drag the folder in.

IF YOU GET AN ERROR HERE SAYING "COULD NOT FIND IPSW" take out the .ipsw after OriginalFW in the xpwn folder

After you have your command prompt looking like that type in "ipsw OriginalFW.ipsw patchedFW.ipsw -s 700 bundles\Cydia.tar"

Should say hashing ipsw

6.) Put your iPod Touch in DFU mode

Step 1. Turn off your iPod.

Step 2. Press and hold home button for 5 seconds then continue holding home button and press power button for 10 seconds

Step 3. release the power button but continue holding the home button down.

Step 4. Open iTunes and wait for it to tell you that its in restore mode..


7.)Extract all files in the iRecovery RAR to your Desktop and open the iRecovery folder, there should be an installer for libusb located here.
If you haven't already installed libusb, please do so now.
If you're running Vista or 7, please right click the .exe and select Properties, then click the Compatibility tab, then select Windows XP (Service Pack 2) from the drop-down menu.
After install, a restart may be required.

8.)Open another Command Prompt (or use the one you used before, if it is still up) and type the following:
cd C:\Users\yourusername\Desktop\iRecovery\iRecovery_SVN
or you could type cd, space, and drag the iRecovery_SVN folder into the command prompt


9.) Extract your 2.1.1 iBSS and 2.2.1 iBSS and iBoot.
To do so, right click your 2.1.1 IPSW and select Open with> WinRAR archiver.
Navigate to the Firmware\dfu directory, then drag iBSS.n72ap.RELEASE.dfu into your iRecovery_SVN folder.
Rename it iBSS211.dfu.
Now, open up your PatchedFW.IPSW from the xpwn folder using WinRAR.
First, navigate to the Firmware\dfu folder and drag iBSS.n72ap.RELEASE.dfu into your iRecovery_SVN folder.
Rename is iBSS221.dfu.
Now, navigate to the Firmware\all_flash\all_flash.n72ap.production folder.
Extract iBoot.n72ap.RELEASE.img3 to your iRecovery_SVN folder.
Rename it iBoot221.img3.

10.)Bring up your Command Prompt again and execute the following:

iRecovery -f iBSS211.dfu
Your iPod's screen should turn white.
If it doesn't, unplug your iPod and wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in.

11.)11.) In the same Command Prompt, enter the following:
iRecovery -s
mw 0x9000000 0xe59f3014
mw 0x9000004 0xe3a02a02
mw 0x9000008 0xe1c320b0
mw 0x900000c 0xe3e02000
mw 0x9000010 0xe2833c9d
mw 0x9000014 0xe58326c0
mw 0x9000018 0xeafffffe
mw 0x900001c 0x2200f300
Just to clarify, you will hit enter after each of these commands.

12.) Restore to your PatchedFW.ipsw firmware using iTunes (Hold shift and press restore and click the patchedfw.ipsw that is in the Xpwn folder)

13.) After your restore is complete, put you iPod into DFU mode, you'll have to apply the patch again to boot.
You will also have to do these same things each time you boot from now on:

iRecovery -f iBSS211.dfu
iRecovery -s
mw 0x9000000 0xe59f3014
mw 0x9000004 0xe3a02a02
mw 0x9000008 0xe1c320b0
mw 0x900000c 0xe3e02000
mw 0x9000010 0xe2833c9d
mw 0x9000014 0xe58326c0
mw 0x9000018 0xeafffffe
mw 0x900001c 0x2200f300
iRecovery -f iBSS221.dfu
iRecovery -s
iRecovery -f iBoot221.img3
iRecovery -s
If you iPod is not recognized after sending the 2.1.1 iBSS, unplug it and plug it back in, then try iRecovery -s.
You may need to unplug your iPod after sending each iBSS, also.

(SORRY I DON'T HAVE PICTURES FOR THIS STUFF. I DON'T HAVE AN iPOD TOUCH 2nd Generation So i showed you as much as I could without it)

14.) Your iPod should now be booting; enjoy you tethered jailbreak.

I'd like to give credit to jfb392 from iPod Touch Fans and AriX from the same site.
**Pictures were all hosted by myself, ShabzCoHelp**


P = Problem
A = Answer

P: I'm on Step 13 and when I type the last "go" it says: "Memory Image not Valid"
A: Install C++ and then re do Step 13
P: I did the whole tutorial and it didn't work!
A: Make sure you have 2.2.1 iPod Software, Not 2.2
P: I can't put my iPod into DFU mode. (How do I put my ipod in DFU mode)
A: Hold home button for 10 seconds, Hold Home + Power for 10 more seconds, Release Power and keep holding home until you hear a "Ding Dong" sound. You are holding home throughout the whole process. (Ding Dong Sound: When a USB connects to a computer it makes a "DING DONG" sound)
P: I get a side-by-side configuration error in iRecovery.exe
A: Install C++
-Courtesy of user, TMZion for providing this Troubleshooting section-Thanks :D
P: Cannot find .ipsw in step 5?
A: take out the .ipsw after OriginalFW.ipsw in ur xpwn folder

I hope this helps you guys out
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