Monday, March 16, 2009

New! For Active Theme Makers(this is for you) Have a different image on each page of Springboard!

Yesterday, 03/16/09, Winterboard had an update. (If you haven't been on cydia go on it and update!) The changes in the update are listed above^^
  • Made Wallpapers Work Again
  • Prioritize Apple's ImageCache
  • Per-page Wallpaper Page#.png
So how do you create a basic theme with different images for each page??
  1. Just create a folder (name it whatever you'd like)
  2. Drag in some pictures into that folder.(Same number of pictures as you have pages on your iPod/iPhone)
  3. Make sure you can see the file extensions of the images.
    • To view file extensions on Windows XP go to any folder on your computer and look on top it should says Tools-->Folder Options-->View-->Uncheck Hide Well Known Extensions
    • To view file extensions on Vista/Windows 7 go to control panel and in the search type in "folder" and it should say folder options somewhere then go to View-->Uncheck Hide well Known File Extensions
  4. All the pictures you have in the folder you created earlier need to be named like so:

    Each name corresponds with which page number you want it on. Page0.png(page 1) Page1.png(page 2) Page#.png(etc..) MAKE SURE TO CHANGE THE ENDINGS TO .png

  5. Once you have renamed all your images correctly you need to SSH them into your Themes folder on your iPod/iPhone.
    • Don't know how to SSH themes from your computer to your iPod/iPhone??
HERE IS A PREVIEW OF HOW IT WILL LOOK(I did this real quick, it's kind of sloppy)

Hope that was informative enough. Have any questions?
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